The Ballad of a millenni...wait don't call me that.

At five feet tall and just one inch
That's how tall this art director sits.
Every morning at seven-o-three
I roll out of bed and turn on the TV
The Today Show is how I start my day
plus a black coffee and i'm on my way. 
I've had an on-going love that has been great
and it's the planet I would like to commemorate. 
For being so beautiful and for hosting mankind
and putting up with our sort-of-super-dirty mind.
I have lived in the U.S., Taiwan and Vietnam
this experience is what has made me so calm.
The greatest values I hold to my own
to be kind, humble and strong to the bone.
I hope to live better and honest and true
to make content that is creative and new. 
I hope to change a mind and a make a difference
I know that's my purpose so may I show some resilience.

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